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Easy Zippy Pte Ltd


9, Sin Ming Road, #B1-02, Thomson VOne, 

Singapore 575630

Andy Wee CEO

     +(65) 9336 6957



Easy Zippy helps to develop and design urban transport solutions. We provide personal mobility electric vehicle to enhance users’ convenience, which focuses on smart electric kick scooters and other technology solutions. In addition, we do provide technology product development and consultation services.

Product Information

Easy Zippy provides two variation of products – Easy Zippy City and Easy Zippy Club. We use innovative composite plastic materials which plays a part to promote a friendly environment.


Easy Zippy City is an electric kick scooter that provides users’ convenience. This is our first product to enter the market. It features a lightweight electric kick scooter that is 30% lighter. This electric scooter is portable for users to bring it along with them wherever they go. Spring shock absorbers are built at the front and rear of the electric scooter to minimise damages. There are built-in lights at the front and back of the scooter to create awareness for pedestrians and motorists. Rear regenerative and mechanical brakes are used in the braking system as it is an important component for user’s safety.


Easy Zippy Club is a mobile application which links to your Easy Zippy City. This application allows users to share information on the routes that they had used. The user interface will show information of the scooter’s performance.

Customer Benefits

Not only being a product which provide convenience, but also reduces the harm on our Mother Earth.

Easy Zippy City is an entry level electric kick scooter which does not require any experiences from users. Beginners will be able to ride on it without any worries. It weighs 30% lighter than normal scooters, and the stylish design will give it a trendy look. The maximum speed of a scooter is 26km/h where users can travel up to 25km with 2 to 3 hours of battery life.

Easy Zippy Club has a user interface which is user-friendly. It provides the performance of the scooter. This allows them to keep track of the speed limit, as well as the remaining battery percentage.

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