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i2P Ventures is a private startup incubator, with a strong focus on using IP strategies to protect and drive innovation.


We help to build startups by positioning them to attract growth capital, strengthen their IP portfolios , and connecting them with quality investors and partners of deep technology expertise.

Our mandate lies in nurturing startups to be able to disrupt the ecosystem and create their own sustainable competitive advantage.

Incubating for
Turning Ideas To Profitable Businesses

Incubating with i2P is equivalent to having your strategy consultants next door.

Garnering 20 years of business consulting experiences along with extensive global networks makes your startup success rates closer to certainty.

i2P Ventures maximize the value of disruptive technology companies by positioning them to attract growth capital, strengthening their IP portfolios to create sustainable competitive advantage, and connecting them with a base of high-quality investors with deep technology expertise. To support these efforts, we work with PatentSight, a powerful patent analysis tool that provides insights for companies to leverage for technology and business edge.

In addition to capital, we provide a full range of resources to infuse start-ups with the support they need to rapidly introduce innovative products and services. Resources include office space and the accompanying office services, development and technology, product and graphic design, marketing, financial advice, human resources, competitive research, legal, accounting and business development support and services. In addition, i2P provides advice on strategy, branding and corporate structure.

Unique Value

Our unique value lies in our familiarity of the Startup and Investment Landscape,

thanks to the networks we have built throughout the years.

Your Expert Forecaster

Uniquely in-house developed methodology for forecasting market trends as well as technology adoption equipped i2P to help our incubatees spot the right business to incubate along with winning strategies.


Possessing a strong grasp of the trends in the ASEAN landscape, we are able to understand the dynamic needs of the market.

i2P Knows What's Next

With the rich knowledge from our networks, we get to anticipate what's coming up next, and act upon it with a head start.

Contact Us

i2P Ventures Pte. Ltd.
45 Middle Road


Singapore 188954

+(65) 6909 5923

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