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After years of experience in the Business and IP industry, our founders wanted to embark on a new endeavour. to groom startups and help them find their own successes. We have consolidated a wealth of relevant and valuable networks as well as rich knowledge resources that we can activate and share to the startup founders to help them build their ground up.

Meaning of 'i2P'

'i2P' stands for 'ideas to products', or 'IP to profits', as well as 'impossible to possible'. 

Our Vision

To be the top global private incubator for established SMEs and help to create spin-off companies that make a positive punch to the world economy.

Our Mission

Enable SME or Startup companies to have access to ready business channels, expertise, Intellectual property and funds to take their businesses to IPO.

global launchpad

Creative Space

Located @ Novelty BizCentre

18 Howard Rd, Singapore 369585

Growing to 3 locations 
in Singapore by 2017

Novelty BizCentre

24 hr. access
to office
Gym and pool Facilities
Green discussion space
Event space 
for networking
to mrt
Jason Loh

Jason Loh is the ex-Head of Intellectual Property (IP) Group, ASEAN region, Panasonic Corporation. In 2016, he left his senior role to pursue his aspirations in helping startups and promising companies leverage on IP to become the next unicorn. He established the Asia’s first Global Private IP Bank with a vision of using global IPs to formulate sound future for small medium enterprises and startups into successful global companies. Jason is an advocate of active utilization of intangible assets as growth strategies for private companies delivered through global IP strategies, IP monetization, IP risk aversions, technology IP innovations and IP to business strategies. In 2016, he is named in iam 300 as one of the world’s leading IP strategists.


Jason is an innovator, he formulates unique in-house methodologies for forecasting product and technology trends where he successfully predicted multiple industrial trends over the last 10 years. He is also an activist in business model innovations as well as design thinking process where he value add to his clients’ strategy advisories. Leveraging on his vast experience, he is an executive advisor to United Kingdom’s Institute of Innovation Knowledge Exchange (IKE) supporting Asia’s operations as well as a partner in i2P ventures advising startups.

Business modelling
Intellectual Property
design thinking
Global Expansion
Guan Whee

Starting out his career in the engineering sector, Guan Whee has accumulated deep expertise in the technology innovation and engineering sector. His years of experience in BSH Electrical Appliances gave him huge opportunities to drive and coordinate projects, and led them to success.


After years hustling at the frontline, he wanted to step back and take the place for an advisory role. He placed his focus more on driving research & business development and establishing contacts in the region, which helped him expand his knowledge resources and expertise areas. 


He joined several firms as a strategic partner, frequently working to consolidate contacts and find synergies in collaborations. With his technological and engineering background, he has managed to provide valuable insights to related industry projects. His years of working in a MNC also helped him to develop structure and efficiency in his workflow and management processes.

Business development
Project management
Regional Expansion



UK Innovation Partner


Contact Us

i2P Ventures Pte. Ltd.
45 Middle Road


Singapore 188954

+(65) 6909 5923

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