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We have developed a programme with a basic framework of the steps startups should go through to help them succeed.

It is inherently a bespoke program, meaning that flexible arrangements can be made depending which stage the startup is entering at.

We will access the startup's capabilities at the beginning, and provide a tailor-made program that will be most suitable for the startup and its best interests.

Program 01
7 steps startup

1. Ideation - Brainstorming, Design thinking, Convergence & divergence

2. Selection - of promising ideas

3. Validation - Market validation, Technology validation

4. Funding - Invest in exchange for equity, Link you up with VCs

5. Spin-off - Setup company, Incorporation

6. Inject IP - IP strategy, Create unique IP, Protect against competition

7. Build - Managing growth, Gathering resources

We help Entrepreneurs from the seed stage to grow and launch into a successful business, through these essential steps.

Program 02
what we provide

Our expertise comes from our years of experience gained from building our own ventures, a firm understanding of regional business landscapes in wide topic ranges, and having the contacts & networks you need.


We are able to help you craft a business model that differentiates you from competition, is relevant and sustainable in the long run.

How we can help you
Idea Validation

Through a series of methodological processes, we will help our incubatees validate their startup concept.

These processes include Market Validation – to access the market need for your concept, and Technology Validation – to access whether your technology is unique and viable.


Furthermore, through our networks, we have ready access to various industry professionals who can provide deep insights for your model.

IP Landscape

Intellectual Property is an important and valuable asset of all startups. It ensures that you have a unique proposition that competitors cannot imitate.


Through the innovation process, we will guide incubatees in finding their distinctive IP that will protect and arm their startup against potential competition.

We have deep expertise and years of experience in the Intellectual Property landscape.


We are able to help our incubatees identify IP risks, and avoid infringing rights belonging to other companies, which could potentially harm the business in future. 


Our IP landscape analysis involves understanding who are the players in the market and coming up with a strategy to differentiate ourselves from them.

Sector Intelligence

We possess know-how in different sectors and are able to use advanced analysis systems to gather intelligence.

FUNDRAISING & connections

Tapping on our connections and relationships with various government bodies, MNCs and Venture Capitals, we are able to reach out to potential investors for our incubatees.

We hold regular networking events with stakeholders in the eco-system such as government officials, investors, thought leaders, and influencers.


We have wide networks of associate partners including World Bank, Asian Development Bank, IPOS Society, IE Singapore Society, JETRO Singapore, etc.

Startup Valuation

Early stage valuation measures the potential growth of the company.

We can valuate the startup in the following aspects:


  • Traction

  • Reputation

  • Revenues

  • Distribution Channel

  • Hotness of industry

Business Model

Using the Business Model Canvas, we will work with incubatees throughout the idea generation process, and guide them in creating a sustainable and viable business model.

With our track record and experience in starting up businesses ourselves, we have confidence in providing mentorship for aspiring startups.

Channel Development

channel strategy is a vendor's plan for delivery of a product or a service to the end customer.

We will help startups develop their sales channel and identify the more strategic and efficient way for their concept to reach their mass target audience.

Market Intelligence

i2P is always monitoring market and technology trends so that we can identify market opportunities to create viable innovations.

Utilizing intelligent analysis systems, we are able to obtain crucial data such as buying patterns, market shares, company strategies, product developments and consumer preference.

Data & information will be analyzed so that we can make sound and strategic decisions.

Technology Trends & Roadmap

By monitoring current movements in

technological trends, we are able to forecast upcoming product evolutions.

Global expansion

Startups have to look towards scaling the business in order to capture a larger share of the market, from home, to regional and to global.


Together with partners that are focused on 

internationalisation, we help startups develop global expansion strategies, and help them accelerate their business in bigger markets.

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i2P Ventures Pte. Ltd.

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+(65) 6909 5923

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