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Our Mentors

Making decisions is a daunting but essential task for startups, and having the right guidance makes all the difference. Our wide network of seasoned entrepreneurs, champions of industries, and investor links will definitely be helpful in your startup journey. 


As a mentorship-driven community, we have a ready pool of enthusiastic and ever-willing mentors that will contribute to the startups here. With our industry knowledge, experience and connections, we will be able to provide mentorship and guidance to help startups grow. 

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Shong is the Executive Director at TAP Private Equity, where he oversees a $50M fund with a South-East Asian mandate, investing in the domestic consumption space. He has deep experience gleaned over three decades of work in banking, fundraising, credit risk management and debt syndication; currently coaches four C-level executives; and is connected like you wouldn't believe.

Our Mentors
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