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Frequently asked questions

The startup journey might be a tough and lonely one, but that does not mean you need to cut yourself away completely from your previous social activities.

Take this opportunity to meet like-minded people and bounce your ideas away, and at the same time, get some valuable feedback and insights through sharing.

We hold networking events once in a while, where we gather inspiring entrepreneurs and innovators, venture capitalists, and other industry professionals to bond over some good drinks. 


Q1 . Can I cancel the contract halfway?

A. You can cancel the contract anytime.


Q2 . I’ve never tried to deploy my business in foreign countries at all.

A. No problem, 30% of our clients started their business in foreign countries with us and almost all the clients have succeeded.

Contact Us

i2P Ventures Pte. Ltd.
45 Middle Road


Singapore 188954

+(65) 6909 5923

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