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Our Mentors

Making decisions is a daunting but essential task for startups, and having the right guidance makes all the difference. Our wide network of seasoned entrepreneurs, champions of industries, and investor links will definitely be helpful in your startup journey. 


As a mentorship-driven community, we have a ready pool of enthusiastic and ever-willing mentors that will contribute to the startups here. With our industry knowledge, experience and connections, we will be able to provide mentorship and guidance to help startups grow. 

IP Strategy & Management
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Our Mentors

Since joining Finnegan in 2001, Kenie Ho has litigated more than 50 patents in U.S. district courts and at the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC), dealing with a wide range of issues specific to patent litigation, including 
pre-filing diligence, technical discovery, claim construction, Markman hearings, validity, infringement, and expert consulting. He has handled several hundred domestic and foreign patent applications at all stages of prosecution, from application drafting to patent issuance, as well as post-issuance matters such as reexamination and inter partes review (IPR). Mr. Ho's experience has given him a concrete understanding of how to obtain useful and enforceable patents, as well as how to properly evaluate them in legal opinions. 

Mr. Ho frequently conducts due diligence evaluating IP portfolios before and during litigation. He has reviewed hundreds of patents as part of multi-million dollar IP licensing and litigation settlement deals. He helps clients analyze products in the market to develop offensive and defensive IP portfolio strategies, including quick patent portfolio procurement through acquisition deals, licensing and cross licensing, and using procedures at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to attack and defend U.S. patents. 

Mr. Ho regularly lectures on IP topics. He has presented and participated in panels at advanced patent and trade secret law seminars in China and Taiwan, conducted semester-long courses on licensing and U.S. IP law for patent practitioners, and chaired multi-day, patent law seminars for foreign patent office delegations visiting the United States. He teaches advanced patent law classes as an adjunct professor at Howard University. 

Mr. Ho's areas of particular expertise include signal processing, telecommunications, cryptology, radar and sonar systems, computer and electronic hardware design, Internet technologies, software developments, and business methods.  He leads the firm's Internet of Things (IoT) working group.

IP Strategy & Management
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