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Making decisions is a daunting but essential task for startups, and having the right guidance makes all the difference. Our wide network of seasoned entrepreneurs, champions of industries, and investor links will definitely be helpful in your startup journey. 


As a mentorship-driven community, we have a ready pool of enthusiastic and ever-willing mentors that will contribute to the startups here. With our industry knowledge, experience and connections, we will be able to provide mentorship and guidance to help startups grow. 

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Our Mentors
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sa'ad medhat

Professor Sa'ad Medhat is the founding Chief Executive of NEF: The Innovation Institute which is a professional body and a leading provider of SciTech innovation and growth services to business, education and government.

Professor Medhat is a member of the Parliamentary and Science Committee. He is a Governor at Oxford College (OCVC), a Trustee of Reading College, Trustee of North Oxfordshire University Technical College and a Patron of Walsall College. He is a member of the Business and Community Advisory Board of the Joint Academic Information Systems Committee (JISC) and a member of SEPnet (the South East of England Physics Network of universities). He served as a member of the HEFCEBoard’s committee on Quality Assessment in Learning and Teaching, the Foundation Degree Forward Board, the University of Bristol’s Court and as an adviser to the European Parliament.

Professor Medhat held a number of senior academic and industrial positions nationally and internationally including Director of the Engineering and Technology Board, founding Principal of Dubai Polytechnic (now University), Head of University Research and Head of School of Electronics at Bournemouth University, Vice President of Futuremedia PLC - a NASDAQ company, CEO of a number of technology start-ups. Professor Medhat has been responsible for establishing 9 business start-ups.

Professor Medhat has published widely and holds a number of invention patents. He also held two professorial chairs: the IBM Professor of Concurrent Engineering and the Intergraph Professor of Electronic Design Automation. His PhD is in microelectronics and was sponsored by Siemens Defence Systems. Sa’ad is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a number of other professional bodies.

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